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1. Immersive virtual scripting of gamified training based on VR software design patterns Ζήκας, Παύλος Ι.
2019-11-22 Add to Basket
2. Psychomotor interaction for enhanced VR user experience Κατέρος, Σταύρος Σ.
2019-11-22 Add to Basket
3. A hybrid method for 3D pose estimation of personalized human body models Qammaz, Ammar
2018-11-23 Add to Basket
4. Travel companion : a mobile system for trip assistance relying on artificial intelligence and augmented reality Λιλίτσης, Πρόδρομος Ε.
2017-11-24 Add to Basket
5. Retraining of fine movement of paretic hand through VR gaming, presence and musical rhythmical stimuli, based on cognitive feedback Μπάκα, Ευαγγελία
2017-07-26 Add to Basket
6. Empowering mobile devices in distributed service - oriented environments Ζηδιανάκη, Ιωάννα Γ.
2017-07-21 Add to Basket
7. A 3D model for visualizing the LOD cloud Παπαδάκη, Μαρία-Ευαγγελία Ε.
2017-03-17 Add to Basket
8. A computational framework for observing and understanding the interaction of humans with objects of their environment Κυριαζής, Νικόλαος
2014-11-04 Add to Basket
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