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Identifier 000419379
Title Η ηθική του γήρατος : οι ηλικιωμένοι και η ηθική στο γηροκομείο
Alternative Title The ethics of old age: the elderly and ethics in nursing homes
Author Λαμπράκη, Μαρία
Thesis advisor Τσινόρεμα, Σταυρούλα
Reviewer Σαμώνης Γεώργιος
Βαλονάκης Εμμανουήλ
Abstract We were prompted to choose this particular topic for the present postgraduate thesis by the rising trend of population ageing. The first chapter examines the old age and the characteristics and problems of the elderly. The second chapter deals with the Ethics of Old Age and the debate over death. In the third chapter we make a reference to the elderly and the change in the family structure. The fourth chapter deals with the Ethics in Nursing Homes. We propose home care as the most suitable type of care which focuses on the individual needs and respects the dignity of the people as “persons” that is, as rational beings which are bearers of rights and obligations. In the early 21st century, and as indicated by all epidemiological data, the elderly are for the first time in the history of mankind more than children. The rapid developments in Biosciences and Biotechnology have contributed in the increase of the life expectancy causing problems in the way families and the state manage the elderly. There is an increase in the need for the provision of healthcare services to the elderly because of their physical, psychological and cognitive problems. It is stated that a decrease in the number of incidents of chronic and severe disabilities is expected combined with an increase in the number of incidents of milder forms of disability. Due to the difficulty in providing solutions to the problems of the elderly, their families or even themselves turn to nursing homes as a last resort. The institutionalisation isolates them from the others and accentuates the feeling of loneliness and social exclusion. They prefer house care by the family or by a caretaker. There are institutional infrastructures in Greece; however home care and Hospices are quite undeveloped. We have examined the decision making process by the elderly as far as their care is concerned through the Kantian ethics and the categorical imperative. As acting subjects, people are able to self-reflect and as rational beings people act in a certain moral way by calculating the effect of their actions on others. The human dignity is of the utmost value and that is why it cannot be used in an instrumental way but only as an “end in itself”.
Language Greek
Subject Elderly
Old age
Issue date 2018-03-31
Collection   Faculty/Department--Faculty of Letters--Department of Philosophy & Social Studies--Post-graduate theses
  Type of Work--Post-graduate theses
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