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1. Acoustic signal characterization using hidden markov models with applications in acoustical oceanography Σμαραγδάκης, Κωνσταντίνος
2019-07-26 Add to Basket
2. Light scatter in eye and its impact on vision Sahin, Onurcan
2018-03-28 Add to Basket
3. Bayesian inversion technique based on the statistical characterization of acoustic signals with applications in Ocean Acoustic Tomography Σίσκογλου, Ουρανία
2018-03-23 Add to Basket
4. Evaluation of fixations during reading Αγιοργιωτάκης Μιχαήλ
2017-03-29 Add to Basket
5. Optical resolution photoacoustic microscopy for the quantitative analysis of contact lenses Τσαγκαράκη, Μαργαρίτα
2017-03-29 Add to Basket
6. Εφαρμογή πεπλεγμένης μεθόδου χρονικής προέλασης 2ης τάξης για την επίλυση των δισδιάστατων ασυμπίεστων εξισώσεων Navier-Stokes Παχάκης, Νικόλαος
2017-03-17 Add to Basket
7. Design techniques for the generation of novel optical wavepackets Μανσούρ, Δημήτριος
2016 12-13 Add to Basket
8. Morphodynamic analysis of coastal areas using numerical models and field data Φοινικιανάκη, Βασιλεία
2016-11-18 Add to Basket
9. Development and application of phase sensitive algorithms for improving three dimensional imaging through turbid media Γιασαφάκη, Γεωργία
2016 -07-19 Add to Basket
10. An iterative scheme for estimating the acoustic field in sea environment with an elastic seabed Μαστρόκαλος, Ιωάννης
2015-11-20 Add to Basket
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