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Identifier 000423765
Title Σύνθεση, χαρακτηρισμός και μελέτη μαγνητικών ιδιοτήτων ετεροπυρηνικών πλειάδων Κοβαλτίου και Νικελίου
Alternative Title Synthesis, characterization and study of magnetic properties of heterometallic Nickel and Cobalt clusters
Author Μαυρομάγουλος, Αθανάσιος Μ.
Thesis advisor Μήλιος, Κωνσταντίνος
Reviewer Τρικαλίτης, Παντελής
Δημάδης, Κωνσταντίνος
Abstract The field of coordination chemistry continues to attract the interest of many research groups, due to the numerous and promising applications of such species. A rapidly growing field of science related to clusters is the field of molecular magnetism. The purpose of this work was the synthesis and full characterization of 3d-4f complexes, and the study of their magnetic properties. The reactions’ systems we investigated were Ni/Ln/H2L1, Co/Ln/H2L2 and Ni/Ln/H2L2 (H2L1 =(Z)- N',2-dihydroxy-4,6-dimethylnicotinimidamide and H2L2= 3-(hydroxyamino)quinoxalin-2-ol). From these systems we managed to isolate and characterize the following complexes: [Ni2Ln2(HL1)2(L1 zw)2(acac)4(OMe)2].MeOH.4H2O, (Ln= Dy: 1, Y: 2, Gd: 3), [Ni2Dy2(H2L1 zw)2(HL1 zw)2(PhCOO)4(OAc)4].H2O (4), [Ni5Dy2(aib)9(HLzw)2(H2Lzw)(μ3- OH)2MeOH(H2O)2](NO3)3 .4Η2Ο (5), [Ni6Dy4(μ3-OAc)4(μ2-OAc)2(μ3- O)2(HL1 zw)6(L1)4(MeOH)4(H2O)2].2(NaClO4).8MeOΗ.4H2O (6), [CoII 2CoIII 2Ln4(μ3-O)2(μ2- O)2(HL2 zw)6(CH3COO)4(NO3)4(H2O)].2MeOH (Ln= Dy:7, Ln= Y:8), and [Ni3(acac)(OAc)3(H2L2 zw)2(HL2 zw)(H2O)2] (ClO4).3MeCN.4.5H2O (9). Furthermore the magnetic properties of complexes 2, 3, 5, 6 and 7, were investigated, and clusters 6 και 7 were found to display single molecule magnetism behaviour.
Language Greek
Subject Coordination chemistry
Molecular magnetism
Μοριακός μαγνητισμός
Χημεία συμπλόκων
Χημεία συναρμογής
Issue date 2019-07-24
Collection   Faculty/Department--Faculty of Sciences and Engineering--Department of Chemistry--Post-graduate theses
  Type of Work--Post-graduate theses
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