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Identifier 000417071
Title Πολιτικές προώθησης της απασχόλησης και καταπολέμησης της ανεργίας. Τα παραδείγματα : Σουηδία και Ελλάδα
Alternative Title Employment and unemployment policies. The examples: Sweden and Greece
Author Τσαφαντάκη, Χρυσάνθη
Thesis advisor Καρακιουλάφη, Χριστίνα-Αικατερίνη
Reviewer Ζαμπαρλούκου, Στέλλα
Τσιώλης, Γεώργιος
Abstract Unemployment is a complex social and economic phenomenon, the treatment of which is at the heart of economic and social policy. Governments use, for its tackling, a multitude of instruments, among which there are macroeconomic regulations but also other types of interventions on a microeconomic level. Employment policies, at times aim at managing the consequences of unemployment (passive labour market policies) and at others at dealing with the causes giving rise to it (active labour market policies). The European employment policy gives more emphasis to promoting active policies. There is a shift of the center of gravity of policy from the financial support of the unemployed, by granting allowances and social benefits, to strengthening and supporting efforts to join the labor market. This element gradually has been put at the heart of the design of European employment policies, while highlights the role of public employment services. In an economic slowdown, which has entered both our country and the entire European Union, the role of employment policy is crucial to rapidly reduce the negative effects of the recession. This paper demonstrates the impact of the economic recession (2008 - 2014) on employment and unemployment in Greece and Sweden, and also presents the employment policies, particularly active labor market policies, which apply to those countries and their effectiveness where possible.
Language Greek
Subject Active policies
Economic recession
Employment services
Ενεργητικές πολιτικές
Οικονομική ύφεση
Υπηρεσίες απασχόλησης
Issue date 2016
Collection   Faculty/Department--Faculty of Social Sciences--Department of Sociology--Post-graduate theses
  Type of Work--Post-graduate theses
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