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Identifier 000421928
Title Η συμβολή της δραματοθεραπείας στην οικοδόμηση νέων ταυτοτήτων του εαυτού μακριά από τη χρήση εξαρτησιογόνων ουσιών
Alternative Title Drama therapy's contribution to the construction of new self-identities away from addichive substances' use.
Author Πελέκα, Ναταλία-Στραυρούλα
Thesis advisor Τσιώλης Γεώργιος
Reviewer Τριλίβα Σοφία
Πουρκός Μάριος
Abstract Τhe present thesis is an effort to comprehend the contribution of drama therapy to addiction healing, through the empirical participation of the Organization Against Drugs (OKANA) members in drama therapy procedure. Investigating the ways in which the members of a rehabilitation center can reconstruct their self-image by participating in a drama therapy group, was the goal of the research. Specifically, the research was based on the narrative approach, in order to examine the members’ ability to expand their self-image, by creating narratives away from addictive substances, through the drama therapy procedure. Data interpretation was conducted in the light of thematical analysis, so as to find the collective ways and patterns that the interviewees used to assign meaning to the experience they gained as members of the team. Therefore, we had four narrative interviews with people who participated in the drama therapy group of the Specialized Centre of Social and Professional Integration (EKKEE) of OKANA for at least two years. At the same time, and for results enrichment purposes, participant observation took place in the newly-created drama therapy group of the same organization in order to study the interaction among members. Results indicated that, through the embodied experience drama therapy techniques provide, participants managed to deconstruct the predominant narratives and the restrictive and stigmatized identities, like “addict”, that accompanied it. As it was pointed from the outcomes, symbolism and role playing, the basic elements of drama therapy, helped participants enrich their personal stories, by experimenting on alternative, emerging identities and actions in a dramatic reality. To sum up, the research revealed that the drama therapy procedure can contribute to the recreation of a self-image beyond substance abuse, in various ways.
Language Greek
Subject Addiction therapy
Drama therapy
Dramatic reality
Embodied experience
Narrative approach
Role playing
Self-figure recreation
Substance abuse
Αναδόμηση εικόνας
Αφηγηματική προσέγγιση
Δραματική πραγματικότητα
Ενσάρκωση ρόλων
Ενσώματη βιωματική εμπειρία
Θεραπεία Εξαρτήσεων
Χρήση ουσιών
Issue date 2019-02-22
Collection   Faculty/Department--Faculty of Social Sciences--Department of Psychology--Post-graduate theses
  Type of Work--Post-graduate theses
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