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Identifier 000421925
Title Η συγκρότηση της ταυτότητας των ειδικών θεραπευτών (πρώην χρηστών που εργάζονται σε θεραπευτικά προγράμματα απεξάρτησης) & η χρήση της αυτοαποκάλυψης, όπως αυτή πηγάζει απο τη βιογραφική γνώση και επηρεάζεται από το επαγγελματικό τους πλαίσιο
Alternative Title The construction of the reconered therapist's identity and the use of self-disclosureas a therapeutic tool.
Author Θανασούλα, Σοφία
Thesis advisor Θεμελή, Όλγα
Reviewer Χατήρα, Καλλιόπη
Γιοβαζολιάς, Θεόδωρος
Abstract The present qualitative research studies the way recovered therapists’ identity is constructed. The term “recovered therapists” includes the ex-addicts who, having already integrated a certificated rehabilitation program, are currently working in the addiction recovery field as addiction counselors or/ and therapists. The study focuses on exploring how the identities of addicted and non-addicted self are constructed in order to lead to the construction of the recovered therapist’s identity. Furthermore, the research investigates the use of self-disclosure as a therapeutic tool. The aim is to highlight the experiences and meanings these experiences hold for the recovered therapist. Due to this, Interpretive Phenomenological Analysis was applied and narrative and semi-instructured interviews were conducted with men recovered therapists workers in Organization Against Drugs (O.KA.NA.) and Therapy Center of Dependent Individuals (KE.TH.E.A.). The emerged hyper-themes of the study are the following: 1) “The confrontation with death”, which includes the construction as well as the rupture of the addicted self’s identity, 2) “Defeating death”, which presents the construction of the non-addicted self and recovered therapist’s identity, 3) “The confrontation with life”, which includes the construction of the recovered therapist’s collective identity under the influence of stigma and self-disclosure. Findings feature the crucial role of death and stigma in the identity change process. Moreover, the influence of researcher’s self-disclosure as ex-addict is analyzed, concerning the research. Finally, the connection between research and therapy, regarding the affect of self-disclosure and stigma, is presented. The limitations of the present study and suggestions for further research are featured
Language Greek
Subject Identity construction
Interpretive phenomenological analysis
Recovered therapists
Ειδικοί θεραπευτές
Ερμηνευτική φαινομελογική ανάλυση
Συγκρότηση ταυτότητας
Issue date 2019-02-14
Collection   Faculty/Department--Faculty of Social Sciences--Department of Psychology--Post-graduate theses
  Type of Work--Post-graduate theses
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