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Identifier 000366089
Title Μοριακή ταυτοποίηση ιταλικών μαλβαζίων και ελληνικών ποικιλιών αμπέλου με τη χρήση μικροδορυφορικών γενετικών τόπων και ρετρομεταθετών στοιχείων
Alternative Title A comparison of italian "malvasia" grapevine cultivars to greek vine germaplasm through microsatellite & remap profiling.
Author Μαστρογιάννη, Ευμορφία
Thesis advisor Ρουμπελάκη-Αγγελάκη, Καλλιόπη Α.
Reviewer Παναγόπουλος, Νικόλαος
Abstract The Greek genetic resources of grapevine account for about 670 cultivars, among which 300 are probably still cultivated, and very little is known about their genetic relationship. On the other hand it is implied, from the ancient literature and history, that part of the modern Western European cultivars could have originated from Greek cultivars. But it is also true that Western cultivars have been imported in Greece at different periods. In the present study the origin of 47 Vitis vinifera L. cultivars was studied with emphasis on the origin of 17 Malvasia genotypes from Italy in comparison to Greek Vitis vinifera cultivars, including 4 Malvasias from Greek collection. In order to clarify the evolutionary relationship of these cultivars, 9 microsatellite loci were used as molecular markers. The results were compared to a list of 553 Vitis vinifera cultivars from different countries in order to give a general perspective of the genetic relationship among them. The synonyms obtained from the statistic treatment of the 47 Vitis vinifera cultivars were also obtained from the comparison of totally 600 genotypes. Furthermore, the use of retrotransposable elements was also successfully introduced as a technique (Kalendar et al., 1999), which resulted to similar synonyms when compared to microsatellite profile, for the Vitis vinifera cultivar identification, having the advantage of being less cost and time consuming.
Language Greek
Subject Grapevine Microsatellites
REMAP profiling in grapevine
Vitis vinifera L. microsatellites
Μικροδορυφόροι στο αμπέλι
Προέλευση ποικιλιών αμπέλου
Ρετρομεταθετόνια στη μοριακή ταυτοποίηση ποικιλιών αμπέλου
Issue date 2011-07-15
Collection   Faculty/Department--Faculty of Sciences and Engineering--Department of Biology--Post-graduate theses
  Type of Work--Post-graduate theses
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