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Identifier 000423434
Title Ηλεκτρονική διακυβέρνηση και δημόσια διοίκηση : προς μια νέα μορφή δημόσιας διοίκησης - περίπτωση ΚΕΠ
Author Τσοβίλη, Αλεξάνδρα
Thesis advisor Μαυρομούστακου, Ήβη
Abstract This final thesis is a result of research and study of bibliographic resources on the concept, implementation and function of e-government and its role in reforming public administration. Initially, public administration, governance and e-government are analysed as the main notions of this research. Subsequently, we focus on the functioning and implementation of e-government by exposing a number of key aspects, such as interoperability, the development of e-democracy and the role of e-government in the society of information. This is followed by the study of important aspects of e-government, such as the availability of public data and the issue of the protection of personal data. Accordingly, the development of e-government in Europe and Greece is represented through the programs and actions implemented. An essential part of this research is, also, the presentation of the current state of the development of e-government. Finally, there is a special presentation of the way of how the KEP institution is organized and functions, as a sample of good practice in the implementation of e-government in Greece.
Language Greek
Subject Ηλεκτρονική διακυβέρνηση
Issue date 2019-06-20
Collection   School/Department--School of Social Sciences--Department of Political Sciences--Post-graduate theses
  Type of Work--Post-graduate theses
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