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Identifier 000426042
Title Μελέτη ιικών συν-επιμολύνσεων σε φυτά καπνού Nicotiana benthamiana
Alternative Title Study of virus-viroid interactions in Nicotiana benthamiana
Author Παπαδήμα-Καρανίκου, Νόρα Κ.
Thesis advisor Καλαντίδης, Κρίτων
Abstract The study of plant-pathogen interactions has historically focused on single host - single pathogen disease systems. However, plant infections are often governed by multiple pathogens simultaneously coinfecting a single host. Metagenomic surveys and data from next generation sequencing are revealing that co-infections are probably the rule rather than the exception in natural pathosystems and they involve among-pathogen interactions whose outcomes may affect the course of a disease. Viral agents and viroids are considered important pathogen groups and their co-existence has been reported in many natural ecosystems. Virus-virus or virus-viroid interactions can vary from synergism to antagonism and are often characterized by host-specificity and influenced by the environment. Despite the significance of co-infection only a limited number of studies has focused on within pathogen interactions. Thus, the molecular mechanisms that govern the multiplicity of an infection remain largely unknown. In this study the effect of co-infection on virus and viroid accumulation has been measured by studying the interaction of one viroid with two different viruses belonging in two distinct families. The potato spindle tuber viroid PSTVd, the type member of the Pospiviroidae family, was used in co-infection experiments with Tomato spotted wilt virus, TSWV (family: Bunyaviridae, genus: Tospovirus) and Tomato bushy stunt virus, TBSV (family: Τombusviridae, genus: Tombusvirus). Wild type Ν. benthamiana plants were either singly or co-infected with each pathogen and viral and viroid titters were measured by performing a Northern blot analysis. Moreover, we measured the effect of the order of infection of each pathogen on their overall accumulation in co-infections. Mixed infections with PSTVd and TSWV did not yield to any significant results due to the low success rate of the transmission of TSWV via mechanical infections. On the contrary, TBSV titter was enhanced in the coinfected with PSTVd plants. However, this increase was only observed when PSTVd infection was followed by TBSV inoculation and not vice versa. Levels of PSTVd titter were decreased in both cases. Such observations point out the significance of the order of infections and suggest a possible role of host mediated indirect interactions among pathogens
Language Greek
Subject Co-infections
Titter quantification
Ανάλυση κατά Northern
Ιοεδές των ατρακτοειδών κονδύλων της πατάτας
Ιος το θαμνώδους νανισμού της ντομάτας
Ιος του κηλιδωτού μαρασμού της ντομάτας
Issue date 2019-11-29
Collection   School/Department--School of Sciences and Engineering--Department of Biology--Post-graduate theses
  Type of Work--Post-graduate theses
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