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Identifier 000357766
Title "Εκβιολογισμός" της ηθικής : είμαστε τα γονίδια μας; απεικόνιση του ζητήματος από δύο ελληνικές εφημερίδες
Author Τρουλλινού, Πηνελόπη Μ
Thesis advisor Κούση, Μαρία
Reviewer Τσινόρεμα, Σταυρούλα
Πετούση, Βασιλική
Abstract The present dissertation examines the presentation of new genetics in two major, national newspapers in Greece. It aims to answer the research question concerning whether the print media present new genetics from a deterministic approach or from a critical view when it comes to the presentation of these scientific issues. Thus, the introduction of the dissertation explores the important role of print media in the shaping of public opinion. Critical discourse analysis of two widely circulated daily Greek newspapers, “Kathimerini” and “Ta Nea”, over the past two years, is conducted to examine the above mentioned research question. The located articles presenting scientific innovations regarding influence of genes on human behavior are analysed. Evolutionary ethics is analysed in the first chapter in order to provide the philosophical framework of the dissertation and offer a lucid presentation of the concerns arising when “extremist geneticists” argue a) that “time has come to turn moral philosophy into an applied science” and b) that human behavior is determined by genes alone. The second chapter of the present dissertation refers to print media and their role in communicating science. Studies on science communication are critically presented. They support the above mentioned hypothesis that media overemphasise scientific outcomes, often misinterpreting the related results. It is argued that scientific issues are presented in an oversimplified manner, with impressive headlines and quotes following the same simplistic pattern. After the explanation of the applied methodology, the following chapter illustrates the findings of the empirical data showing that the majority of the articles presenting scientific issues are oversimplified by journalists, using impressive headlines and sensualising themes. The final conclusion is that newspaper reports present human beings as entities which are reduced solely into their genes, moving the discussion towards pure biological determinism.
Language Greek
Issue date 2010
Collection   School/Department--School of Philosophy--Department of Philosophy & Social Studies--Post-graduate theses
  Type of Work--Post-graduate theses
Notes Μεταπτυχιακό πρόγραμμα στα πλαίσια της Π.Μ.Σ. βιοηθικής
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