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Identifier 000401123
Title Αθλητικό ντόπινγκ και η προοπτική γενετικών εφαρμογών από τη σκοπιά της βιοηθικής
Alternative Title Sports doping and the prospect of genetic applications from the perspective of bioethics
Author Ματσαγκού, Σοφία
Thesis advisor Πανεπιστήμιο Κρήτης.
Abstract The use of doping is a phenomenon frequently encountered by most sciences and the society itself. It constitutes a plague of our times. From a (bio-) ethical point of view, various questions and (self) reflections arise concerning this issue. Both the use of pharmaceutical doping and gene doping (the modification of athletes‟ somatic cells) are issues that are described and analyzed in the current dissertation. The athlete‟s and the games‟ moral status have a central position to the for- and against- argumentation in the present paper. Reference to gene doping as a subsection, was considered critical due to the measures held by the IOC and WADA since 2001-3. In the first section of the dissertation, the biological and technical background is described with reference to the substances and methods of doping. A particular analysis of gene doping method follows. The second section aims at investigating the social phenomenon of doping with an emphasis on causes, motives and methods of prevention. Furthermore, a short reference to the regulatory framework in Greece and the relevant provisions of international law. In the third section, a brief historical review describes the issue of divergent behavior in the games. Thereafter, the ethical questions of “conventional” doping and the issues of gene doping are mentioned. The fairness or unfairness of the insult of nature, of healthy- security, of autonomy- freedom, of justice and of “athletic ethics” are exemplified. All sections are compared and contrasted to the fairness or unfairness of athletic training and the issue of legal substances. Finally, additional ethical questions are further analyzed concerning the use of gene doping: the permanent modification of humankind, the scientist‟s ethical responsibility and fair distribution. The regulatory issue lies in the reason why the use of doping poses ethical dilemmas. In conclusion, the use of doping sets bio- ethical dilemmas when there is a violation of the regulatory commitment for respect towards the ethical protection of the natural identity of human kind, the intrinsic value of human life and the cultural elements contained in sport.
Language Greek
Subject Bioethics
Issue date 2014
Collection   Faculty/Department--Faculty of Letters--Department of Philosophy & Social Studies--Post-graduate theses
  Type of Work--Post-graduate theses
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