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Identifier 000385002
Title Ανθρώπινη δραστηριότητα και τεχνολογική συμπεριφορά κατά τη Μέση και την Ανώτερη Παλαιολιθική εποχή στη βορειοδυτική Ελλάδα : οι μαρτυρίες των λιθοτεχνιών λαξευμένου λίθου από το Μεγάλο Καρβουνάρι, τη Μολόνδρα και το Ελευθεροχώρι 7
Author Λιγκοβανλής, Στέφανος
Thesis advisor Ν. Γαλανίδου
Abstract This study explores the technological behaviour and human activity during the Upper Pleistocene in northwestern Greece. It relies on the collection and evaluation of empirical data which have resulted from 2 main research pillars. The first pillar refers to the comparative techno-typological analysis of unpublished Middle and Early Upper Palaeolithic stone industries which have come to light from 3 open-air, terra rossa, archaeological sites in Thesprotia, Epirus: Megalo Karvounari-Unit 24, Molondra and Eleftherohori 7. The second pillar investigates the particular palaeogeographical and palaeoenvironmental features of these sites, in which the stone artefacts have been created and used. The study is divided into 9 chapters. In Chapter 1, we critically overview the history and the basic conclusions from the so far investigation of the Palaeolithic open-air sites in northwestern Greece. In Chapter 2 the methodology of the empirical data collection is described in detail. In Chapters 3, 4 and 5 the results of the study of the 3 site’s material culture, palaeogeographical and palaeoenvirromental features are presented. In Chapter 6 the technological and land-use choices of the hominins who occupied the 3 sites of our study are compared, in order similarities and differences in synchrony and diachrony to be identified. In Chapter 7, our empirical data are fitted in and compared to the Palaeolithic archaeological record of northwestern Greece. In Chapter 8, a discussion is held on the key points of the conclusions that emerged from the comparing process in Chapter 7, with reference to the data about the Middle and the Early Upper Palaeolithic period in south and southeastern Europe. In Chapter 9 the conclusions of the study are summarized. Our study enriches the data about occupation and technological behaviour during the Upper Pleistocene in northwestern Greece, revising at the same time some of the previous interpretations. The interpretative value of the Palaeolithic open-air sites in this area should be taken into consideration through the intensification of investigations.
Language Greek
Subject Βορειοδυτική Ελλάδα
Λιθοτεχνίες λαξευμένου λίθου
Παλαιολιθική εποχή
Issue date 2014
Collection   School/Department--School of Philosophy--Department of History and Archaeology--Doctoral theses
  Type of Work--Doctoral theses
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