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Identifier 000430866
Title FLUID: a software development kit for adaptive tabletop applications
Alternative Title FLUID: μια βιβλιοθήκη ανάπτυξης προσαρμόσιμων εφαρμογών για διαδραστικές επιφάνειες
Author Πουτούρης Ευάγγελος Ν.
Thesis advisor Στεφανίδης, Κωνσταντίνος
Reviewer Αργυρός, Αντώνιος
Ζουμπούλης, Ξενοφών
Abstract The exponential growth of Internet of Things (IoT) devices and services along with the emergence of the Ambient Intelligence (AmI) paradigm unveiled new potentials for the domain of domestic living, blurring the imaginary line between “the computer” and the “‘intelligent’ environment”. The diversity of artifacts in the ‘intelligent’ living room introduces a plethora of interaction challenges, stemming from the need for crossplatform migration of the available applications and highlights the requirement for a unified interaction environment for the residents. As a result of the advancements in surface computing, display monitors (physical displays) that were initially used in ‘intelligent’ environments, can now be replaced by common household surfaces, such as coffee-tables, benches, and walls, acting as displays with the help of projection systems. However, user interaction and usability of such systems is still subject to the current limitations of surface computing technologies. To address these interaction issues, this thesis introduces FLUID, a web-based software development kit (SDK) that provides an application hosting environment, explicitly customized to be deployed on interactive surface displays, which binds available surface computing applications under a common roof. FLUID grants the developers the ability to compose and manage in real-time flexible and adaptable ‘surface-computing-webapplications’ through a rich application programming interface (API). Additionally, FLUID offers a set of utilities that empowers designers of intelligent environments to evaluate the behavior of their applications by simulating different scenarios of use. In comparison to related work, FLUID offers an innovative, context-aware, user-centric environment that not only hosts surface computing applications, but also resolves two prominent surface computing issues: the occlusion of graphical user interfaces from physical objects, as well as user interface ‘cluttering’. This is achieved through a sophisticated and configurable virtual space management mechanism, through which hosted applications get reorganized in an intelligent manner, ensuring a smooth User Experience (UX) to their end-users. In addition to the FLUID development kit, this thesis describes the design process and the functionality of the SDK, elaborates on the implementation details, presents two case studies that made use of it and discusses the results of an expert-based evaluation study in the context of the Intelligent Home of ICS-FORTH.
Language English
Subject Adaptive user interfaces
Ambient intelligence
Intelligent home
Surface computing
Έξυπνη κατοικία
Διάχυτη νοημοσύνη
Προσαρμόσιμες γραφικές διεπαφές χρήστη
Issue date 2020-07-24
Collection   Faculty/Department--Faculty of Sciences and Engineering--Department of Computer Science--Post-graduate theses
  Type of Work--Post-graduate theses
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