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Identifier 000399103
Title Εξατομικευμένα εμφυτεύσιμα εμβόλια με αντιγονικά προενεργοποιημένα μακροφάγα
Alternative Title Personalized implantable vaccines with antigen preactivated macrophages
Author Ζέρβα, Ιωάννα Διομ
Thesis advisor Αθανασάκη, Ειρήνη
Reviewer Γκιζελή, Ηλέκτρα
Φωτάκης, Κώστας
Abstract The role of the immune system is to recognize antigens, respond by humoral or cellular reactions, eliminate the foreign stimuli and develop specific memory. The development of immune response against an antigenic stimulus has been exploited in the context of vaccines that are being developed to prevent or ameliorate the effects of future pathogen infections. In order to avoid virulence, second generation vaccines consisting of defined antigenic peptides or recombinant protein sub-units, need the simultaneous administration of adjuvants to enhance immune responsiveness. However, adjuvants are responsible for several side-effects. In addition, because of the extended polymorphism of histocompatibility antigens, the selection of specific noninfectious antigenic epitopes might not be effectively presented by all individuals. To overcome these problems, a system allowing natural antigen loading and presentation in vitro and further activation of the immune response in vivo, was developed. Such technology leads to personalized implantable vaccines. Thus, pre-activated macrophages naturally seeded with the antigen will be absorbed on implantable surfaces able to stimulate the development of immune response. Such approach eliminates side effects due to the non-specific stimulation of adjuvants, while leaving the natural selection mechanism of antigen loading in antigen presenting cells to choose the right antigenic epitope for each individual. The implantable surfaces to be used herein consist of 3D micro-textured Si scaffolds fabricated by ultrafast lasers. The application of such technology to humans will be of great importance opening novel areas of research and treatment.
Language Greek
Subject Antiger presentation
Issue date 2016-03-03
Collection   School/Department--School of Sciences and Engineering--Department of Biology--Doctoral theses
  Type of Work--Doctoral theses
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