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Identifier 000397221
Title Μελέτη της γενετικής ποικιλότητας του γένους Limonium Miller στη ΝΑ Κρήτη
Alternative Title Genetic diversity of the genus Limonium Miller in SE Crete
Author Μεγαρίτη, Μαρία Μ.
Thesis advisor Πυρίντσος, Στέργιος
Reviewer Αρτελάρη, Ρέα
Καλαντίδης, Κρίτων
Abstract Background: The genus Limonium is morphologically highly diverse, which complicates its taxonomy. The diversity of the genus has been assigned to the increased capacity of hybridization, in combination with the ability of the hybrids to produce asexually viable seeds and remain in populations. Targets: Here, the study of the genetic diversity of Limonium taxa in SE Crete is attempted, in order to reveal whether the morphometrics converge with the genetic characteristics and the role of the epigenetic factor. Methodology: Sampling took place in 11 sites of the SE Crete and in total 60 specimens have been collected, including six taxa, four of which were endemics. Morphometric analysis completed for all the specimens, while 44 specimens have been used for DNA extraction. Genetic diversity was analyzed using Amplified Fragment Length Polymorphisms (AFLPs), while epigenetic modifications were analyzed using Methyl-Sensitive Amplification Polymorphisms (MSAP). Results: The results revealed whether the morphometrics converge with genetic characteristics in the characterization of Limonium taxa in the area and the role of epigenetic factor. Conclusions: Although high morphological variability is presented between endemic taxa, at the genetic diversity level the high genetic variability is presented among nonendemic and endemic taxa or in specific cases between non-endemic taxa. Epigenetics follow similar pattern in variation with morphological characteristics, with nonendemic taxa as the only exception.
Language Greek
Issue date 2015-11-20
Collection   Faculty/Department--Faculty of Sciences and Engineering--Department of Biology--Post-graduate theses
  Type of Work--Post-graduate theses
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