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Title Φυτοχημική μελέτη του φυτού Hyssopus officinalis και ανάλυση συστατικών του ενδημικού φυτού της Κρήτης Phlomis lanata
Alternative Title Phytochemical study of cretan plants: Hyssopus officinalis and component analysis of the endemic plant Phlomis lanata
Author Μάνεση, Μαριάννα
Thesis advisor Κατερινόπουλος, Χαράλαμπος Ε.
Abstract In this diploma thesis, a study of the possible biosynthetic pathway on the biosynthesis of volatile constituents of Hyssopus officinalis, was carried out, based on the qualitative and quantitative analysis of its essential oil. The aerial parts of the plants were harvested and dried, each month, in one year period. The essential oils were obtained by hydrodistillation of plant material in a Clevenger-type apparatus. GC-MS analyses of the oil samples as well alkane standard samples were carried out. The alkane standards were used to convert retention times into method-independent constants. The results showed that the major component in Hyssop oil was Isopinocamphone (37.73 – 64.58%) with the exception of the sample collected in February. The latter analysis indicated that Elemol was the major compound (21.02%), while the Isopinocamphone content was reduced to 6.19% of the essential oil. The analysis enabled the identification of 76 constituents. The maximum yield in the essential oil was observed in the Hyssop flower samples during the blooming stage in August.
Language Greek
Issue date 2016-03-18
Collection   Faculty/Department--Faculty of Sciences and Engineering--Department of Chemistry--Graduate theses
  Type of Work--Graduate theses
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