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Identifier 000372922
Title Χημειοενζυμική σύνθεση φυσικών προϊόντων maurenone και rugulactone
Alternative Title Chemoenzymatic synthesis of natural products maurenone and rugulactone
Author Μάρκου, Χρυστάλλα Ανδρέα
Thesis advisor Σμόνου, Ιουλία
Abstract In the present thesis the stereoselective enzymatic reductions with NADPH-dependent ketoreductases for the synthesis of important chiral intermediates were studied for the synthesis of the natural product Maurenone. Also the chemoenzymatic synthesis of natural product Rugulactone. Rugulactone is a naturally occurring dihydro-R-pyrone isolated for the first time in 2009 from the plant Cryptocaryarugulosa. Rugulactone has proved to inhibit the nuclear factor NF-kB activation pathway in lymphoma cell lines, which is constitutively active in many types of cancers, and thus apotential therapeutic target. In the first chapter presents the chemoenzymatic synthesis of this natural product as the key enzymatic reaction with isolated reduction ketoredouktases for stereoselective reduction of β-ketoester. Marine pulmonates of the genus Siphonaria are rich sources of diverse polyketide-derived natural products. The natural product maurenone was first isolated by Faulkner et al. in 1986 from specimens of the pulmonatemollusc Siphonaria maura, collected from Jaco Beach, Costa Rica. The second chapter presents the first chemoenzymatic synthesis of the natural product maurenone. The composition was used as the key enzymatic reaction with isolated reduction ketoredouktases for stereoselective reduction of 1.3-diketoesteron.
Language Greek
Subject Cryptocarya Rugulosa
Siphonaria maura
Απομονωμένες κετεροδουκτάσες
Issue date 2012-03-06
Collection   Faculty/Department--Faculty of Sciences and Engineering--Department of Chemistry--Post-graduate theses
  Type of Work--Post-graduate theses
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