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Identifier 000426844
Title Σχολική κοινότητα και αυτοαξιολόγηση σχολείου με στόχο τη βελτίωση του : μια έρευνα δράσης εστιασμένη στον σχολικό εκφοβισμό
Alternative Title School Community and School Self-Evaluation Intended for its Improvement : An Action Research Focused on School Bullying
Author Θεοδώρου, Ιωάννης Α
Thesis advisor Καλογιαννάκη Πέλλα
Reviewer Κουρκούτας Ηλίας
Ανδρεαδάκης Νικόλαος
Abstract The main purpose of this doctoral thesis is to investigate and thoroughly examine the contribution of the school community to the improvement of the school by following a self-evaluation process.In that context, a two-phase research was conducted. In the first phase, the self-evaluation process was implemented during the 2013-2014 school year with the participation of teachers, parents, students and the school counselor. The self-evaluation process of the school followed the principles of Teachers Evaluation as it was proposed by the Greek Ministry of Education, while a number of originals tools designed by the researcher, were also utilized. Upon the completion of the school self-evaluation process the school community decided on the implementation of an action research on school bullying. The action research and its results constituted the second phase of the research work, conducted during the school year 2014-2015. Regarding the research findings it was showed, inter alia, that teachers have comprehended the way in which the school unit and the school community operate (teachers, students and parents). In particular, an overall picture of the school was created, with its strong and weak points being reflected in the school's final self-evaluation report. It was also found that some parents were unable to support their children at home and the reasons for this situation were recorded. This fact led to a number of dysfunctional behaviors on the part of some students. Due to these behaviors the educational community decided on the implementation of an action research focused on school bullying, after which such behaviors were found to be decreased to a statistically significant level. With regard to the process of school self-evaluation as it as proposed by the Greek Ministry of Education, it seems that the teachers of the aforementioned school believe that it does not only aim at the provision of creative feedback and the improvement of the school unit, but also carries the risk of pay cuts and possible dismissals for them. The teachers' mistrust in the educational policy seems to stem from the general political climate in times of economic crisis (2013-2015), exacerbated by the constant postponement of the employment of permanent staff in education (2019). The absence of university courses during the time they were students regarding the subject of school self-evaluation is also to be taken into consideration.
Language Greek
Subject Bullying
School community
School improvement
Αυτοαξιολόγηση σχολείου
Σχολική βελτίωση
Σχολική κοινότητα
Σχολικός εκφοβισμός
Issue date 2019-11-29
Collection   School/Department--School of Education--Department of Primary education--Doctoral theses
  Type of Work--Doctoral theses
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