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Identifier 000420055
Title Η γέννηση και η εξέλιξη της αριστερής παιδαγωγικής σκέψης στην Ελλάδα από το μεσοπόλεμο ώς το τέλος του εμφυλίου πολέμου : από το αστικό σχολείο εργασίας στον πολυτεχνισμό
Alternative Title The birth and evolution of the left pedagogical thought in Greece from the interwar period to the end of civil war : from the liberal progressive education to the polytechnism.
Author Παπαστεφάνακη, Ελευθερία
Thesis advisor Δαλακούρα, Κατερίνα
Reviewer Αθανασιάδης Θεοχάρης
Φουρναράκη Ελένη
Βαφέας Νικόλαος
Βόγλης Πολυμέρης
Καραμανωλάκης Βαγγέλης
Κουμπουρλής Γιάννης
Abstract This thesis concerns the investigation process of the emergence of left pedagogical thinking in Greece. This process was first based on the course of development and action of ‘Education Group’ and secondly on the course of development of the communist movement in Greece. Important moment for the emergence of left-wing pedagogical reflection will be the breakdown of ‘Education Group’ in 1927 and the Announcement of the Group’s governing committee after its critical meetings. Earlier, since the creation of ‘Education Group’ and the effect of Skliros’ work, as well as socialist thinking in Germany at the beginning of 20th century, socialism seems to influence the thinking of the protagonists of the ‘Education Group’. This process will halt the rising movement of venizelism, which gives to the protagonists of ‘Education Group’ the necessary institutional place to implement the reform. The rejection of ‘Great Idea’, the Bolsheviks’ prevalence in Russia and the repeated frustrations of reformist efforts pushed part of the educational world to the left, opening the prospect of accepting Marxism in the sphere of pedagogical theory and practice. Besides the above process, the birth and consolidation of KKE will allow the emergence of a new qualitative political proposal and the formulation of an educational speech inspired by pedagogical theory and practice in USSR. Polytechnism in its various phases and developments in USSR will be a subject of study for the Greek left educators and a subject of creative adaptation of the domestic left proposal of language-educational reform. The 1940s and the Occupation and Civil War period will allow left educators to partially implement their pedagogical proposals in the context of the left political power. Under particular circumstances, the vision of a ‘new Greece’ under the general title of ‘Reconstruction’ will include educational plans in a wider post-war rebuilding plan of the country. The culmination of this process will be the works of Andeos. Apart from the above, this thesis turns its attention to the other two dimensions of the left educational discourse and practice: education in prisons and exiles and proposals for gender education. The long-standing inter-war educational activity in prisons and exiles allows us to explore aspects of the educational action and thought of the well-known left educators who were found in places of constraint and developed their educational work. The particular conditions of the prison and exile and the length of the phenomenon allow for a more stable assessment of the left educational proposal. On the other hand, the perceptions of left educators on the gender dimension of education allow us to identify aspects of the feminist movement in Greece. The movement from ‘bourgeois feminism’ to socialist feminism is reflecting on pedagogical theory and practice. The applications of left educators in the 1940s will take place in a context in which socialist feminism and the necessities of armed struggle in the countryside and urban centers determine the perception of gender and education while reconstructing older gender roles.
Language Greek
Subject Demoticism
Educational reform
Work school
Εκπαιδευτική μεταρρύθμιση
Σχολείο Εργασίας
Issue date 2018-10-23
Collection   School/Department--School of Philosophy--Department of Philosophy & Social Studies--Doctoral theses
  Type of Work--Doctoral theses
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