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Identifier 000411420
Title Ο νούς στον κόσμο. Η διαλεκτική της σχέσης Kant και Hegel στο έργο του John McDowell
Alternative Title The dialectic of the relationship between Kant and Hegel in the work of John McDowell
Author Καλπακίδης, Χρήστος
Thesis advisor Τσινόρεμα, Σταυρούλα
Reviewer Παγωνδιώτης, Κώστας
Βενιέρη, Μαρία
Abstract My master thesis focuses on the work of John McDowell and especially on his magnum opus Mind and World. The central research question regards the possibility and the specific tenets of a middle ground between a Cartesian dualism of mind and world and a more or less «bald» naturalism, which comprises the default philosophical starting point of most analytic philosophers. Specifically, I tried to examine the tenability of this strategy through McDowell’s interpretation of the relation between Kant and Hegel, since both philosophers formulate philosophical positions, which are meant to retain both an element of answerability to the world as well as the rationality of our space of reasons, to use the sellarsian jargon. The crucial element, though, in McDowell’s account is a wittgensteinian quietism, which is a potential source of conflict with the systematic, transcendental approaches of the German Idealists. McDowell’s quietism implies an anthropological naturalism of Second Nature, which compromises the coincidence of idealism and realism of common sense in his picture. Consequently, I argue that McDowell’s approach is subject to a «dialectical» contradiction and if he wants to preserve the coincidence of idealism with realism he should abandon his conception of the subject and his ‘liberal’ naturalism or retain the conception of embodied subject, but lose the coincidence. As a result, I claim that McDowell’s reading of Hegel’s critique to Kant is deflated and misses the specific meta-critical and (revised) ontological element it essentially contains.
Language Greek
Issue date 2017
Collection   School/Department--School of Medicine--Department of Medicine--Post-graduate theses
  Type of Work--Post-graduate theses
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