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Identifier 000408116
Title Apopsis: a web-based platform for the analysis of structured dialogues
Alternative Title Apopsis: μία πλατφόρμα για την ανάλυση δομημένων διαλόγων
Author Υμεράλλη, Ελισιάνα Ζ.
Thesis advisor Πλεξουσάκης, Δημήτρης
Reviewer Τζίτζικας, Ιωάννης
Φλουρής, Γεώργιος
Abstract Social networks are constantly evolving to support the increasing needs for knowledge sharing, interaction and collaboration among people from all over the world through Web. These networks provide to users many interaction platforms where they can share their opinions and their life experiences. Debate portals are one type of such platforms where people can express their views in the form of arguments and participate in support of or against issues occurring in the dialogue in a more structured way. As long as social networks and other sources of discussion produce more and more content, the need to understand and summarize the opinions expressed within dialogues increases, in order to reduce the burden of having to go through the entire debate. The system provides a debating environment that aims to motivate people to participate in structured, goal-oriented dialogues. As a debating platform, it enables users to raise issues, ask their own questions, post supporting or counter-arguments, comment and vote. The overall objective is to offer different means of analysis of the debates, in order for the participants to obtain a complete picture of the validity and justification strength of each individual opinion expressed, as well as of the acceptance of the positions issued within each debate. The system provides a range of functionalities, the most important of which concern the creation of new topics of discussion, the evaluation of arguments with different metrics, and the analysis of various aspects of the dialogues. In this work, we start with providing an argument map for modeling discussions and the relations between them with debate elements such as issue, position, pro-argument and con-argument. Then, we apply an existing formal framework for evaluating the strength of arguments, called sm-Dice. Every argument strength is calculated based on a multi-aspect evaluation. Next, we implement a debate analysis by taking into account the various aspects of the dialogues. This analysis covers different information needs emerging from users, in order to summarize various aspects of a debate, focusing not only on arguments, but also on user profile characteristics throughout the decision-making process. A collection of machine learning algorithms is applied for the clustering of features and the extraction of association rules, such as the Kmeans and Apriori algorithms. Our system uses an RDF ontology for representing the argument map of any dialogue, stored as RDF-triples in the Virtuoso repository. The user interface is designed with Web technologies, whereas the Server Tier is implemented with Servlets and Java API classes.
Language English
Subject Argumentation systems
Opinions analysis
Ιστός - πλατφόρμα
Issue date 2017-03-17
Collection   Faculty/Department--Faculty of Sciences and Engineering--Department of Computer Science--Post-graduate theses
  Type of Work--Post-graduate theses
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