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Identifier 000417130
Title Εκτίμηση των εμπειριών και των απόψεων των ασθενών με άσθμα και/ή Χρόνια Αποφρακτική Πνευμονοπάθεια (Χ.Α.Π.) στην χρήση εισπνευστικών συσκευών
Alternative Title Evaluation of the experiences and views of patients with asthma and / or COPD in the use of inhalers.
Author Πουλωρινάκης Ιωάννης
Thesis advisor Τσιλιγιάννη, Ιωάννα
Φιλαλήθης, Αναστάσιος
Abstract Introduction. Althought the main aim of the COPD and asthma treatment is the control of symptoms and the good quality of life of the patients, this is not always achieved in clinical practice. Patients mistakes in the use of the inhalers play an important role and, as a result, we have insufficient disease control, increased morbidity / mortality and finally increased costs. Objective. To explore the problems and mistakes in the use of inhalers and patients perceptions about inhalers use in respiratory disease patients ( COPD and asthma ). Material and methods. The study is a qualitative study which includes a quantitative part. The sample of the analysis was comprised of 19 individuals, 9 with COPD and 10 with Asthma. Semi-structured interviews were used together with the Asthma Control Test (ACT) in order to assess asthma control in patients with asthma and the Clinical COPD Questionnaire (CCQ) in order to assess COPD patients health status. Results. The mean age of the patients with asthma and COPD was was 18.5 ± 4.11 and 77.44 ± 4.58 years, respectively. Asthma and COPD affected patients daily life, yet patients did not express any special concerns regarding drug adverse effects. All patients were satisfied from their treatment, whereas almost everyone faced problems in the inhaler technique during the inhale and the exhale step. Also, all patients were willing to get information about the inhaler technique. The majority of them would like to find out if they receive their medicines properly. Also, all patients would like an individual training in person.The most important that has to be assessed is the inhaler technique, as all patients agreed. In the ACT score, 4 patients had <19 points which means asthma was not controlled correctly, 3 had 25 points which means that asthma was under control and one patient had 9 points therefore poor control of asthma. Regarding CCQ score, one patient had 0.3 ( good quality of life ), three patients had a score between 1 and 2, that is an acceptable quality of 9 life in COPD patients of stage 3 - 4, three patients had a score between 2 and 3 so they had impaired quality of life and finally, two patients had a score &ge; 3 and had a very impaired quality of life. Conclusions. Our study revealed important errors in the inhaler technique and lack of training. Training in the inhaler technique and counseling should be the primary concern of health providers. This may improve patient’s quality of life due to better control of their disease.
Language Greek
Subject COPD
Inhaler technique
Εισπνευστική τεχνική
Issue date 2018-07-18
Collection   Faculty/Department--School of Medicine--Department of Medicine--Post-graduate theses
  Type of Work--Post-graduate theses
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