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Identifier 000315846
Title Σχεδιασμός και κατασκευή πολωσιμέτρου απόσβεσης οπτικής κοιλότητας (Cavity Ring Down Polarimetry),με σκοπό τη διερεύνηση οπτικής δραστικότητας βιομορίων αέριας κατάστασης στην περιοχή του υπεριώδους και για μετρήσεις ελλειψομετρίας σε χρόνους, της κλίμακας nanosecond
Alternative Title Cavity ring down polarimetry construction in order to study gas phase biomolecule optical activity at UV region and for ellipsometric studies at ns regime
Author Καραΐσκου, Άννα Βασιλείου
Thesis advisor Κιτσόπουλος, Θεοφάνης
Abstract Cavity ring down polarimetry, for probing circular birefringence, has been developed by extending the well established technique of pulsed cvity ring down spectroscopy. The unique ability of ring cavities yo interrogate nonresonant optical activity in low pressure chiral vapors is demonstrated by extracting specific rotation parameters. The ability of the specific cavity ring down polarimetry, to support in different manner, clockwise and counterclockwise guided light, ascribe to the scheme the intrinsic characteristic of chirality. This modification increases the resolution of the measurements and accelerates the experimental procedure. Moreover, absorption cross section measurements of CO2 and ellipsometric measurements of fenchone thin films, are also presented, using the altered schemem of cavity ring down spectroscopy. Laboratory measurements of the absolute absorption cross section of CO2 at the temperatures 295 and 373 K have been made between 200-206 nm using cavity ring down spectroscopy. The present measurements should resolve a long stnading disrepancy between previously published data on this system. Ellipsometry is a powerful, multidisciplinary optical technique for the remote and nondestructive investigation of dielectric properties of thin films, with applications in fields ranging from microelectronics to molecular biology. Conventional ellipsometers make such accurate measurements between the millisecond to the second timescale. Therefore, ellipsometry has been limited to study slow or equilibrium processes at interfaces, and the initial and final conditions of a fast process. In this thesis, we demonstrate a pulsed-laser, optical-cavity-based technique which can amplify the magnitude of the ellipsometeric angles from between 2 and 5 orders of magnitude.
Language Greek
Issue date 2007-12-07
Collection   School/Department--School of Sciences and Engineering--Department of Chemistry--Doctoral theses
  Type of Work--Doctoral theses
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