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Identifier 000404222
Title Επίδραση του οιδήματος της ωχράς κηλίδας στη μέτρηση της σκέδασης του οφθαλμού
Author Μπόντζος, Γεώργιος
Thesis advisor Τσιλιμπάρης, Μ.
Γκίνης, Χ.
Πλαίνη, Σ.
Abstract Purpose: The quality of retinal image is a major factor for visual accuracy and performance. Straylight is a crucial factor which influences the proper formation of the retinal image. In the current study we examine the influence of macular edema in intraocular straylight measurements. Methods: In order to measure intraocular scattering a novel instrument was recruited. It is based on the principle of double-pass optical integration. The instrument utilizes a light source formed by an array of green light emitting diodes that is projected onto the ocular fundus. The source has two concentric parts, a disk (field angle 0-3 degrees) and an annulus (3 - 8 degrees) that are modulated at different frequencies. A silicon photomultiplier receives the light reflected from the central part of the fundus and the Fourier transform of the signal reveals the contribution of each part of the source. Their relative amplitude is used to quantify light scattering by means of the straylight parameter. In all, 30 patients with macular edema were measured and re-examined after 47,6 ± 12,2 days. 25 eyes were eligible for study analysis. The fellow healthy eyes were analyzed as a control group. Central retinal thickness (CRT) was measured using optical coherence tomography (OCT, Heidelberg Spectralis). The two values were analyzed and correlated using statistical analysis package SPSS 22 for Windows (SPSS, Inc., Chicago, IL, USA.) Results: In the optical measurement, the logarithm of the straylight parameter was compared in different time intervals among patients receiving anti-VEGF treatment for macular edema. A difference of 0.168 in log(S) for significance level 0.01 was reported. Minimal difference of 0.02 was reported in healthy patient eyes. The optically measured straylight parameter was correlated to the CRT in OCT measurements. The Pearson correlation coefficient for significance level 0.01 “2-tailed” for the two sets of measurement is r=0.28 indicating low correlation between the two variables. Conclusions: We quantified intraocular straylight in eyes with macular edema and measurements were compared to healthy eyes. Intraocular straylight can deteriorate image quality and limit visual performance of patients. Macular edema contributed to changes in measured values of log(S).
Language Greek
Issue date 2016 -12-13
Collection   Faculty/Department--School of Medicine--Department of Medicine--Post-graduate theses
  Type of Work--Post-graduate theses
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