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Identifier 000415051
Title Supramolecular assemblies and networks : Interactions,viscoelasticity and flow
Alternative Title Υπερμοριακά συσσαματώματα και δίκτυα
Author Louhichi, Ameur
Thesis advisor Βλασσόπουλος, Δημήτριος
Reviewer Πετεκίδης, Γεώργιος
Loppinet, Benoit
Βαμβακάκη, Μαρία
Van Ruymbeke , Evelyne
Ligure, Christian
De Bruyn Jonh
Abstract Supramolecular polymeric systems are characterized by reversible bond formation which lead to hierarchical structures. This particular feature reflects the action of noncovalent forces spanning a wide range of bonding energies. The goal of this thesis is to study the viscoelasticity of novel combinations between supramolecular interactions and topological properties in polymeric systems through systematic investigations of well-characterized branched and linear systems, in melt and solution. To this aim, linear rheology, nonlinear shear and extensional rheology by means of start-up and relaxation tests and uniaxial experiments, are conducted. Good agreement of the linear response of our supramolecular systems and the existing models is found. The nonlinear response, to date fragmentally probed, confirms the great potential to tailor flow properties by interrogating the wide range of supramolecular time and length scales and allows to reveal their advanced properties such as self-healing. Moreover, we have proposed new experimental protocols aiming at acquiring more insights into the properties of supramolecular systems. Finally, we have bridged the fundamental understanding of molecular rheology with applications, by using supramolecular systems in experiments that are important both technologically and scientifically and attempting to rationalize fluid mechanical response based on their microscopic features.
Language English
Subject Humidity phenomena
Viscoelastic droplet
Αυτο-επούλωση υλικών
Εξάπλωση ιξοδοελαστικών σταγονιδίων
Φαινόμενα υγρασίας
Issue date 2018
Collection   Faculty/Department--Faculty of Sciences and Engineering--Department of Materials Science and Technology--Doctoral theses
  Type of Work--Doctoral theses
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