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Identifier uch.csd.msc//2007georgalis
Title Circular Meta-IDE for the DELTA Language: Dynamic Extensibility, Remote Deployment, Interactive Introspection and Syntax Directed Editor
Alternative Title Κυκλικό Μετά-περιβάλλον Ανάπτυξης για τη Γλώσσα DELTA: Δυναμική Επεκτασιμότητα, Έλεγχος μέσω Δικτύου, Διεπαφή Ενδοσκόπησης και Γραμματικά Οδηγούμενος Συντάκτης Κώδικα
Author Γεωργαλής, Ιωάννης
Thesis advisor Στεφανίδης, Κωνσταντίνος
Σαββίδης, Αντώνης
Abstract Following programming languages, Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) are considered as the next decisive factor for effective software development, playing a critical role in the software lifecycle, especially when it targets medium-to-large-scale systems. In this context, the subject of this Thesis is Sparrow; an IDE for the dynamic, object-based programming language – Delta. Sparrow was developed with the following two key objectives: (a) to support extensibility of features, allowing such extensions to be developed using Sparrow, i.e. it is a circular IDE, and (b) to facilitate open deployment by third parties to build domain-oriented IDEs, i.e. it is a meta-IDE. In this Thesis, the design and implementation of a large part of Sparrow has been carried out – corresponding roughly to half of the system’s implementation, – addressing the following issues: (a) the implementation of the basic component framework for extensibility, enabling developers dynamically introduce IDE components, (b) the implementation of the mechanism for remote deployment, enabling third-party applications dynamically utilize the IDE in a domain specific manner, (c) the implementation of a component introspection User Interface, enabling users interactively review and invoke the underlying functionality of all IDE components, and (d) the implementation of the source code editor supporting real-time, true syntax highlighting during editing, relying on quick incremental parsing particularly suited to the Delta language. The work reported in this Thesis enabled the Sparrow IDE to play the role of an open platform capable of dynamically hosting IDE functionality, reflecting the /tabula rasa /concept. Along these lines, we expect future IDEs to move towards these directions, delivering more flexible and open infrastructures by enabling users introduce extensions and customizations reflecting their individual programming habits or any emerging programming techniques.
Language English
Issue date 2007-12-07
Collection   School/Department--School of Sciences and Engineering--Department of Computer Science--Post-graduate theses
  Type of Work--Post-graduate theses
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